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Diploma in

Total recommended period of study: approx. 3 to 6 months. Continuous enrolment. No time limit.

Cost: £155.00  

A distance learning course for anyone interested in choosing a Western esoteric spiritual path or simply curious about comparative religion or spirituality. This course will also interest the counsellor or therapist who encounters clients with alternative spiritualities.

Method of study  

Textbook study - distance learning. Written assignments based on textbooks and exercises. Assignment questions are issued by email and students return their written work by email. Grades and feedback are issued by email.

Course overview

This course provides a thoughtful and clear overview Western esotericism in its diverse forms, including disciplines influenced by non-Western traditions that found their place in Western metaphysics. The fields explored and discussed are:

• Jung and the archetypes,

• Gnosticism,

• Esoteric Christianity,

• The Kabbalah,

• Magic,

• Witchcraft and Neopaganism,

• Shamanism,

• Hermeticism,

• Gurdjieff,

• Sufism,

• Secret Societies,

• The New Age.  

The key text also contains comprehensive suggested reading lists for those who wish to explore individual topics further.

No specific religious conviction is necessary in order to study and enjoy this course, and those of any faith or none are welcome.

Entry criteria and suitability

No particular qualifications are required for entry.  


Successful graduates will receive the Diploma in Western Esotericism awarded by UK College of Holistic Training which is a private UK qualification.

Further information

Please see our FAQs page for general information.

We reserve the right to change the syllabus and other details of any course at any time.

Required Text:

Smoley, Richard and Kinney, Jay.  Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions.  Wheaton, Illinois: Quest Books, 2006 (revised edition).

This book will be sent FREE to UK students.

You may start at any time of year
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