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Due to reorganization, we are suspending new enrolments for all courses for the time being.
Further announcements will be made in due course.
Existing students are not affected and should continue to submit assignments.
Students are reminded that a deadline of 12 months for completion of all courses is in operation.

You can start a course at any time of year, unless stated otherwise on the course page. We do not take applications in advance. Please apply a few days before you would like to enrol.

Please download the application form you need from the link below (Word document).

Then please complete and email the form to as an attachment.

See relevant heading below for overseas student information


General application form for most courses  download here (Word .docx)

Application form for Diploma in Sexology download here (Word .docx)

If the link doesn’t work, it’s probably due to a recent update - please email us

Need help? Email us (please state the course you want)


Please be sure you can afford the fees and other costs (e.g. books) and have the funds available before you enrol. We do not have any scholarships or payment plans at present.

If we accept you and send you a payment request and we do not receive payment within 7 days, your application will automatically be cancelled.

VAT:  UKCHT is not registered for VAT.


We accept Paypal (we will send you a Paypal request when we approve your application).

Payments in Pounds Sterling (UK pounds) may be made to our bank by electronic transfer - ask us for bank details when you send us your application form.

We can also accept Revolut transfers if you have a Revolut account.

We no longer accept cheques due to closures of convenient bank branches and disruptions of postal services.

We do NOT accept credit cards directly: please do not give us your card number.

We do NOT accept any foreign cheques, cashier’s checks or banker’s drafts, even if they are in British currency.  We do NOT accept Western Union, Moneygram or similar transfers.

Please do not send us cash in the post as we cannot accept responsibility for any losses. However, if you are near a UK or NI branch of Santander, we can give you our account details to enable you to deposit cash into our account at the branch.


After researching the complex issue of international taxation of digital services, hope to invite enrolments from students in certain countries.
January 2024 - we are reviewing these arrangements due to changes: please ask us for advice and give your exact location. The taxation of digital services is changing constantly in various countries. In the meantime we are accepting UK applications only. We will review the situation in a few months when it might be clearer whether we can accept a limited number of non-UK students without tax and VAT complications.

We are unable to enrol students residing in the EU at present. We hope that regulations will change so that in future we may be able to take a small number of EU students.

We have prepared two documents: one for the US and Canada, and the other for remaining non-UK countries including Europe. These documents detail the specific countries (and for US/Canada, the specific states) where digital tax thresholds mean that we can enrol low volumes of students without being concerned with taxation and bureaucracy.

Please read the relevant documents carefully before sending us any queries or application forms.
All information provided regarding foreign enrolment is provisional as relevant tax details may change at any time. We will make a final check of the taxation position before asking you for payment. If we are unable to ascertain correct information we may have to decline the application for the time being.

You can access the documents at the following links:

Information for international students (excluding USA and Canada) This may be out of date:
see important notes above

Information for students in USA and Canada 
see important notes above


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