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Diploma in
Distance Learning Course

Last revised 2022

Total recommended period of study: approx. 9 to 12 months. Continuous enrolment. No time limit. Cost 299.00 (299 GBP/ Pounds Sterling) Corporate/institutional delegates £500. Transcript fees extra - please see prospectus.

Purchase of one PDF textbook is required - cost approx 49.95. Student to purchase book direct from US publisher by PayPal or credit card. All other study materials supplied with the course.

REVISED 2022 PROSPECTUS - see link below. If you already have a prospectus please download the new one.

What is sexology?

Sexology is the academic study of sexuality. It is a discipline that draws from many areas, e.g. psychology, anthropology, social history, social studies, comparative religion, anatomy/physiology, and medical sciences.

Our new Diploma is Sexology is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary distance learning course with a guideline study time of 9 to 12 months based upon at least 5 hours’ study per week.  It requires a single university-level illustrated textbook of approx. 900 pages, authored by a professor at an American university, that can be downloaded or read online.  

We are also providing each student with a set of 15 exclusive comprehensive study guides to accompany you through the course. These are PDF publications and are only available to registered UKCHT students upon confirmation of your textbook purchase.

There are 15 modules and each is assessed by a series of short questions. There are typically 6 questions per module with suggested answer lengths ranging from 100 to 500 words depending on the topic being covered.  Once each module is completed, the coursework is emailed to the tutor and feedback is given by email. There is no final examination.

Bonus supplements will be provided on the following areas (not officially part of the course and not examined): (1) Career information (2) Counselling and Psychotherapy (3) Judaism and Sexuality (4) Autism and Sexuality (5) Miscellaneous articles and reports (6) Sex and Spirituality (7) Book recommendations (8) Sex Toys - a Note for Consumers (9) COVID resources. These supplements contain book lists and/or links to articles or other information.  

The course length is estimated at 150 hours of study though individual study times will vary considerably depending on level of previous education and knowledge, study skills, comprehension, English language competence, etc. At present there is no deadline for completion of the course.


This course is now enrolling. Enrolment and start of study may take place all year round. Students should apply when they are ready to pay the tuition fee and start the course.  If payment is made promptly and an electronic version of the textbook is ordered, students should be able to commence study within two working days.


Entry requirements

Applications are open to any adult working in a relevant profession, whether as a career or as a voluntary worker (including retired professionals). Relevant professions may include: counsellor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, life coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical professional, teacher/lecturer, RSE/ PSHE teacher, educator, law enforcement or legal professional, pastoral counsellor, social worker, advice worker, support group worker, researcher, sex therapist. University students may also apply to take this course as an extracurricular programme (however university credit is not available for this course.)

Applications from students not meeting the above guidelines but with an interest in the course will be considered on their merits. UKCHT reserves the right to reject any application without giving a reason.


International Guild of Complementary Therapists


IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is not a practitioner qualification but a professional development course. It does not qualify you to practise any form of counselling or therapy. Having this qualification will indicate that you have specialist knowledge to augment your core qualification(s). It may also assist you in seeking admission to a professional accredited training in a relevant area of counselling or therapy, by demonstrating appropriate knowledge and study skills. Details of suggested accredited training routes in the UK will be provided.

Further information

Please see our FAQs page for general information about practising counselling and psychotherapy in the UK and elsewhere.

We reserve the right to change the syllabus and other details of any course at any time.

Course textbook:

Textbook details will be issued to enrolled students. You will need to order a PDF textbook from the US publishers and pay by PayPal or credit card. The book is not available from online bookstores. See prospectus for further information.

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Get prospectus

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