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Distance learning for personal & professional development
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Welcome to UKCHT

We provide home study certificates and diplomas in counselling, advanced hypnotherapy, life coaching and various holistic and spiritual topics. We also provide specialised professional development and advanced courses for therapists, healers and helping professionals. Visit our Courses page to see our range.

Our courses are in various formats, all normally delivered by emailed PDF lesson plans. We don’t work entirely on-line. Students complete written work and email it to us for assessment. On completion, we issue printed certificates.

Most of our professional-level, in-depth courses require textbooks. For shorter courses, free books are sent to UK students.  For longer courses, all students may need to purchase books. See individual course pages for more details.

The use of textbooks means you get much more academic information than typical CPD courses and that you have a professional library of authoritative titles for you to retain when you complete the course. Bringing you the original teachings of experts through their writings is a cornerstone of our educational provision. Some courses do have audio or video resources downloadable from the textbook publishers or linked from within the textbooks. 

What would YOU like to study?  Subjects offered include counselling, holistic life coaching, hypnotherapy (including advanced analytical, transpersonal, regression and spiritual applications), special topics in psychology, sexology, and CPD awareness courses.

We also have courses in “alternative” and spiritual subjects including parapsychology and new topics are under way.

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Introduction to our new site (Feburary 2023)

We hope that our new site will be easier to navigate and also easier for us to maintain. We have opted for a traditional clean layout that maximises the presentation of information over fancy graphics that take over the page. The organisation of the pages is similar to the previous site. Behind the scenes it runs on up-to-date software. It is optimised for the large screen and popular browsers such as Edge and Firefox. Our research found that the vast majority of site visitors are using PCs or Macs, which offer easier word processing for study purposes.

If you happen to have an old UKCHT page open in your browser, refreshing the page should bring up the new version as in most cases we are using the same filenames. Otherwise use the navigation banner at the top of this home page.

While compiling this website, we identified a number of courses that needed revision, especially where a textbook has gone out of print or where a new edition has become ridiculously expensive. We are launching the new site before all revisions are complete, and they will be done one at a time. Course description pages will indicate where revisions are forthcoming. New versions will also be announced via our mailing list - see link above.

If you are keen to do a course that hasn't yet been revised, please let us know as we may be able to give it priority. Also if a course you were thinking of doing has disappeared, contact us as we may still be able to offer it or something similar. We have 'retired' certain courses that attracted very little interest.

From 2023 we have introduced a 12-month time limit for completion of courses. This is to help us manage our workload, as personal feedback is given, unlike many online courses that are assessed by computer without human input. Students are invited to contact us to discuss options if the 12-month deadline presents a difficulty.

We have changed our postal address and the new details are at the foot of each page. Our telephone number and email address remain the same.

2023 begins with a lot of change for UKCHT, and there is more to come as we have various courses in the pipeline.



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